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Finding Solutions for Small Businesses

We are a locally owned small business

PSP, etc. caters to small business. Rent a mailbox with a professional suite address and email notification that your mail has arrived. We have partnered with Ipostal1 which means we can provide virtual mailboxes for your small business. Your mail is secure and private.

Mailboxes come in two sizes and we offer 3, 6 and 12 month rentals.

For those of you that would like a little more service than an email, ask us about our scanning services. PSP, etc. will scan your envelopes so you can decide when you want to pick up your mail. Quick and fast information to help you develop quick and informative decisions.

The following is a list of the main reasons customers rent mailboxes.

1. In many areas of the U.S., there is a shortage of P.O. boxes available at the U.S. Post Office (and a waiting list).

2. A box with PSP,etc has a street address with a suite number, or a box address

4. PSP,etc offers free call-in mail check-saves time, gas, and aggravation.

5. Security–Our lobbies are fully lighted 24 hours a day and have self-locking doors which remain locked all night

6. A Mailbox at PSP,etc offers the complete office alternative without the expense.

7. Many small business people require the image of a street address for a variety of reasons; A prestigious street address to give the illusion of having an office in a high-rent business district, for business cards and letterhead, website and for correspondence, advertising, etc.

8. The street address allows private carriers such as U.P.S., Fed Ex, DHL, etc. to deliver to you.

9. Security consultants recommend that small business owners and managers receive their mail off-premises to prevent theft and embezzlement.

10. It is advantageous to both small businesses and individuals to receive their mail at our convenient earlier delivery time.

11. Some business relationships such as banking, government, and others require a street address (rather than a P.O. box).

12. PSP,etc mail box rental and services are great for the mail order business. Shipping and receiving of product and orders can be more efficiently handled by professionals such as us as opposed to the business owner spending his/ her valuable time and resources. You are free to promote and sell your products and/or services without the worry of labor and other unnecessary overhead.

13. Small business people and individuals alike can pick up your mail and take advantage of all the other shipping/business/ mailing related services offered without the aggravation you would typically experience at the U.S. Post Office (long lines, discourteous attitudes, etc.)

14. PSP,etc also provides a one-stop shop for copies, fax, moving supplies, greeting cards, printing, etc.

15. A temporary mail box is ideal for political and non-profit organizations during campaigns and fund raising events.

16. Apartment dwellers typically move once every 6 to 18 months. It is important to continue to receive mail at a constant address without interruption (a frequent change of address through the Post Office can seriously delay and hinder the delivery of one’s mail).

17. Many people experience security problems at their apartment mail delivery area due to break-ins and vandalism. PSP,etc resolves this issue with our lighted, secured facilities.

18. Travelers need to keep up with their mail. Our mailforwarding service is ideal for those who either move around the country (or world, for that matter) and need to get their mail in a timely fashion. We can also hold your mail without worry of loss.

19. Some companies have occasion to run employment ads which require a resume’ response through the mail. They need a “blind” address at which to receive the resumes.

20. Individuals sending out resumes for job searches cannot risk having their current employer know they are looking for a new job. By the same token, people sending resumes to companies actively looking for new employees require a street address to send a response to.

21. Privacy is extremely important to most people. Our policy of strict confidence is highly appreciated by our customers.

22. Recently divorced individuals sometimes find it necessary to hide from their former (or, soon to be former) spouses, but still need a place to receive their mail.

23. Single people (and some married people) need a separate, confidential address for responses to personal ads and/or test results.

24. Individuals who need a separate address to receive sensitive mail

25. Some apartment complexes will not receive and sign for packages for their tenants for U.P.S., FedEx, etc. (the homeowner who works also has limited access to package receiving). We can receive your packages regardless of schedule and you can pick them up from us at your convenience.

26. Newlyweds need an address to receive wedding gifts. A private mailbox provides security and carriers will always be able to get a delivery signature.

The above list of 26 constitute the most likely reasons a customer would rent a private mail box from PSP,etc,


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POST OFFICE: 2:30p & 4:30p Daily - 1p Saturday

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UPS: 5p Mon-Fri

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